Welcome to Lake Buena Vista, FL

Ahoy Matey's

We've had a great run at Pirate's Cove in Lake Buena Vista - but sometimes pirates need to set sail for different waters.  

Sadly, as of August 16th, 2021, Pirate's Cove Lake Buena Vista has closed permanently.   The State of Florida has decided to relocate the interchange at the corner of I-4 and SR 535 and the new interchange will go right thru the Crossroads Shopping Center.  All part of the I-4 Beyond the Ultimate road project. 

We would like to thank all of the guests we have served over the past 34 years - it has been our pleasure providing multiple generations of families with some of the best Adventure Golf around!

We would also like to thank our fabulous crew - especially Pirate Fred who has had the helm for the last 25+ years!  Thanks Fred!

But there is some good news!   We are still open at our location on International Drive!  Please head on over and experience the best Adventure Golf in the World!

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